Winner of the Marvel art Atelier competition debuts with Mile Morales’ Spider-Man

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Federica Mancin, the winner of the Marvel Art Atelier Challenge, has been named a replacement artist for Miles Morales: Spider-Man. In an interview with Marvel, Mancin, who won the contest and was hired by Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, described the chance to work on a Miles Morales comic as a “dream come true” because Miles is her favourite character. The opportunity to depict Miles swinging across New York or hurling webs at his foes was one she relished, she said. Of course, since I enjoy looking for ways to evoke motion and energy through the page, all the action scenes were a lot of fun for me. Other intriguing characters like Blade or Hightail have been fun to bring to life since they add to the adventure’s suspense and intrigue. It should be a wonderful and eerie adventure, in my opinion.

Regarding the other characters Mancin alluded to, Cody Ziglar, who is now writing Miles Morales, spoke with CBR about Hightail and her part in a forthcoming arc, stating that she is “very much here to be a thorn in Miles’ side.” “Hightail is one of the Cape Killers whose skill set is particularly suited for tracking and snooping on Miles,” he said. She is very much someone who has found herself in a situation where she has do things she doesn’t particularly want to do in order to help her and her loved ones, and the tale will go into more detail about her reasons. In addition, Ziglar said that Hightail will “very much unleash a new threat,” calling it a “very fun one.” Ziglar mentioned Blade’s appearance in Mancin’s issue as well, claiming that the Daywalker had been on his wishlist ever before he first suggested using Miles. Miles was initially supposed to have a plethora of black street-level mentors (Misty Knight, Blade, Luke Cage, etc.), but my editor correctly pointed out that it would be too much to manage, so we decided on simply Misty, according to Ziglar. “Blade has no qualms about killing threats, which will naturally butt up against Miles’ ideas of being a Hero.”

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