Writer of the Spider-Man series for Your Friendly Neighborhood provides an exciting update

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According to Jeff Trammell, chief writer of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the next animated Spider-Man series is proceeding smoothly. Brad Winderbaum, an executive at Marvel Studios, praised Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in March before this, saying, “It’s just so much fun.” Trammell declared on X, “Hey amigos! I just wanted to get on the bandwagon and say, check what you read about Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! I swear, as soon as I have information regarding the show, I will post it myself so you can be assured it’s real.” After a supporter said that it had been “almost 2 years since the fans heard anything,” Trammell responded by saying that it had “also been two years since he’s been able to share anything.”

Subsequently, Trammell answered a fan’s question about how things were going, saying, “Everything is going great, the show gets better with every stage and I’m hopeful that you all will love it as much as I do!” These remarks align with those Trammell made in 2023, when he expressed his excitement for the show’s release to the public, saying that he’s “eager for everyone to see the show” and that the production team “worked (and is still working) hard to make Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man feel special, fun, and unique.”

“Everything is going great, the show gets better with every stage and I’m hopeful that you all will love it as much as I do!”

Returning to Winderbaum, he expressed his admiration for Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in May, calling it “amazing, to put it mildly,” and stating that he believes it will take aback readers with remarks such, “It is very much like a cut from that Steve Ditko era of the comics.” Peter Parker is seen struggling to support his aunt, make ends meet, be impoverished, and need to be a superhero while still in high school.”

“It’s so essentially Spider-Man, and what Jeff Trammell, the creator of that show, did, which I think people are going to love, is he built this ensemble of characters around Peter that you fall in love with,” he said. “In a similar vein, things feel incredibly terrible and dangerous and quite fantastic during that first season as those connections boil because of the long-form writing. I adore that program, so.”

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