X-Men ’97 Director responds to Captain America cameo teaser

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In a mid-season promotional video, X-Men ’97 production head and director Jake Castorena addressed the latest Captain America tease. The Sentinel of Liberty is, of course, no stranger to the Children of the Atom, having appeared in the X-Men: The Animated Series episode “Old Soldiers.” When asked about the tease in question and its implications, Castorena said in an interview, “You’re going to see cameos and while I will hesitate to confirm verbally who we will see, I’ll let the footage speak for itself and let you ponder that how much you will but what I can say is, something that I spoke with earlier and a talking point that comes up with this episode in particular, are consequences.” Castorena stated that the “act of something so shocking, something that really can both bring people together and its core or divide them like they’ve never been before” is what he believes would allow “fans to look forward to cameos or what characters may or may not come in.”

Earlier in the same interview, Castorena claimed that X-Men ’97 will have “some personal favorite characters and some that may have been in the OG show” in addition to some animated characters that spectators may not have seen before. But we’ll simply “have to stay tuned in to find out.” More Marvel cameos would appear in future episodes, Castorena said earlier, adding that the production team’s motivation was “mostly nothing but encouragement from Marvel Studios.” Castorena continued, saying, “The program is built around cameos. Since the beginning, that has been engrained and is related to what the original program did, correct?

Furthermore, X-Men: The Animated Series executive producer Brad Winderbaum declared that the show has “a lot of fun cameos,” and X-Men ’97 continues that tradition. He continued by noting that the latter “fits into that ’90s timeline” alongside the former and “those concurrent ’90s shows that would sometimes cross over with the X-Men,” implying in a cryptic manner that the potential is always present. In reference to X-Men ’97, Winderbaum said that Season 3 has already begun production, stating that the production crew is carrying on from X-Men: The Animated Series, which was also “so heavily drafted from Chris Claremont’s work.”

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