X-Men: 97 Homages Superman by Henry Cavill with New Man of Steel Allusion

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With so many references to the Marvel world, fans of X-Men 97 are searching through episodes for hidden Easter eggs. The series unexpectedly pays tribute to the DCEU in Episode 8 with a lengthy allusion to Man of Steel. X-Men ’97 never ceases to astound fans with its accurate recreation of the biggest story arcs from the comic books. The wider public has also found resonance with the show’s creative and narrative approaches, which has increased excitement for the Season 1 conclusion. To find Easter eggs that others might have missed, viewers are rewatching earlier episodes in the meantime. As this isn’t the first time the DCEU has been mentioned in the TV series, user @DCFilmNews found one in Episode 8 that was virtually a shot-for-shot tribute to a crucial Man of Steel sequence. This verifies ex-showrunner Beau DeMayo’s affinity for both franchises.

In an X post, @DCFilmNews claimed, “The Bastion flashback scene in E8 of #XMen97 is a nod to Man of Steel,” and included a side-by-side comparison of the relevant footage. In a flashback sequence that was strongly influenced by a moment from Man of Steel, Episode 8 of X-Men ’97 hinted to Bastion’s origins. Both showed how a traumatic childhood event led to both Bastion and Clark Kent realizing their superpowers. The X-Men ’97 footage even seemed to be synced and immediately adapted to the Man of Steel scene storyboard. In the comments, many praised DeMayo for the homage; one person even brought out an Easter surprise from Episode 6 that was identical.

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