X-Men ’97 promo reveals the return of fan favorite mutant

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Dazzler, who made an appearance in X-Men: The Animated Series, appears in a new promo for X-Men ’97. Aside from Alison Blaire’s return, there are other intriguing developments in that teaser. “Your X-Men journey begins here,” the announcer says at the start of the commercial. Collider and ComicBookMovie then say hello, and Cyclops says, “The X-Men…are here to stay.” Afterwards, Dazzler shows up following the words, “The World Is Watching.” Are You? “in front of a crowd while employing her abilities. After Magneto declares, “A new age begins…now,” the title card for the series appears, and Nightcrawler greets Rogue and Gambit.

Director and production head Jake Castorena revealed that X-Men ’97 will have more Marvel cameos prior to the release of this commercial. Castorena claimed, “On our end, it was mostly nothing but encouragement from Marvel Studios.” “The show is infused with cameos. Since the beginning, that has been engrained and is related to what the original show did, correct? We must emulate what was engrained in their DNA if we are to be a spiritual successor or revival.” This is related to previous remarks made by executive producer Brad Winderbaum, who claimed that X-Men: The Animated Series “carries that torch with a lot of fun cameos.”” He continued, “X-Men ’97 fits into that ’90s timeline, along with the OG series and those other shows that ran concurrently with the X-Men and occasionally crossed over.” There is always potential.”

Regarding X-Men ’97, former showrunner Beau DeMayo discussed how the show carried on the plot of X-Men: The Animated Series, saying that every decision made in terms of design was “actually a clue to the storylines” that the production team was working on and that nothing was chosen at random. Throwing the X-Men back to a period when they are deliberating over what aspects of this they want to retain was the second motivation. DeMayo went on. Were things really easier then, or were we just more innocent? Winderbaum also mentioned that work is already underway on Season 3. According to Winderbaum, the production team is continuing the tradition of X-Men: The Animated Series, which “was drafting so heavily from Chris Claremont’s work,” and they are focusing on the late 1970s, mid-1970s, to early 1990s. They also “do start to play outside of the Chris Claremont sandbox a little bit into the ’90s, almost getting to Grant Morrison.”

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