X-Men: 97 the actor Jean Grey talks about the difficulties of having two voices.

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In the most recent episode of X-Men ’97, voice actress Jennifer Hale had a great time voicing Jean Gray and her clone. After the dramatic revelation in “Fire Made Flesh” that Mister Sinister had actually created a clone of X-Men Jean, which comic book readers would know as Madelyne Pryor/Goblin Queen, Hale and Cyclops co-star Ray Chase discussed in an interview the challenges this twist presents for the team and bringing this dual performance to life. As Sinister’s puppet, Hale had to change everything about Jean and Madelyne, including their voices, mannerisms, and even their headspace. She said, “Even though they’re clones, even though there’s all sorts of stuff going on, they’re distinct identities, and they’re each fighting for their own lives.” They have similar memories, yet they are different in terms of their essence and spark.”

Hale, who portrayed Jean in the 2009 film Wolverine and the X-Men, expressed gratitude to Meredith Layne, the voice director, for assisting her in maintaining the harmony between Madelyne and Jean. “It’s simple to lose yourself in a situation. You’re thrust into the present and don’t stop to consider, “Oh, am I tonally on point?” Because you’re experiencing that right now, and it’s amazing to be able to have faith that Meredith is with you. “Oh, you were a little off tonally right here,” she will say. I can unwind and truly let myself go because I know she’s there, so let’s pick it up,” she said.

While “Fire Made Flesh” saw Jean free Madelyne from Sinister’s grasp, the episode concluded tragically, with Madelyn abandoning the team and surrendering her son Nathan, whom Sinister had infected with a virus, to Bishop in the hopes that he would find a cure later on, much to Scott’s distress. X-Men ’97 is still a ratings hit forDisney+ in terms of viewing; in just its first five days of streaming, the first two episodes garnered 4 million views. In addition to bringing back the original cast members of X-Men: The Animated Series, the show won high praise from critics and employed director Larry Houston to modernize the show’s famous opening sequence. May marks the end of X-Men ’97’s first season, which has already been renewed for a second, according to cast confirmations. Showrunner Beau DeMayo was let go from X-Men ’97 just before the premiere of the first season, although Marvel has not yet provided an explanation for his departure.

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