X-Men ’97’s comic return continues with the most 1990s villain ever.

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X-Men ’97 is written by Steve Foxe, illustrated by Salva Espin, colored by Matt Milla, and lettered by Joe Sabino. It takes up where the first issue left off, with the X-Men having just saved a Dazzler concert from an attack by the enigmatic Nasty Boys. What they don’t realize is that the enigmatic Mister Sinister is orchestrating the attacks on them, including this issue’s attack by Sienna Blaze, one of the most 1990s villains ever!

Sienna Blaze, introduced in 1993’s X-Men: Unlimited #1, was a powerful young mutant who heavily embraced 1990s fashions. She was a member of the villainous group known as The Upstarts, a group of young, “hip” mutants who competed against each other in a contest in which you could win points for, say, attacking X-Men. She was later taken to the Ultraverse and joined a heroic squad known as the Exiles. She was murdered off-panel after returning to the Marvel Universe, but she has since been revived, albeit she hasn’t had a high profile after having such a big comeback.

In the preview pages, Mister Sinister becomes enraged when he watches news stories of the X-Men destroying his minions, the Nasty Boys. He then addresses his new assailants, the Sinister Seven (also known as The Marauders in the comics). We see the X-Men flying home after defeating the Nasty Boys (and subsequently having fun at the Dazzler concert), when their plane is unexpectedly assaulted. The controls fail, and Jubilee laughs that she should be permitted to pilot the plane now that it is likely to crash. Rogue, on the other hand, manages to land the aircraft just in time for the X-Men to discover who shot it down: Sienna Blaze! Amusingly, Blaze made her debut in X-Men Unlimited #1, shooting down an X-Jet carrying Cyclops, Storm, and Professor X. We’ll see how the X-Men handle this very 1990s villain next week, when X-Men ’97 #2 is released (and we’ll presumably also see the Sinister Seven, including Sabretooth, attack the X-Men, with the Sabretooth/Wolverine fight likely occurring).

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