X-Men fans rejoice: Marvel’s mutant saga takes center stage

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Recently on Twitter, an exciting revelation has emerged for fans of the X-Men franchise. According to a tweet, multiple projects centered around mutants are currently in development. The narrative will primarily revolve around the mutants themselves, indicating a reduced presence of the Avengers and placing the mutants at the forefront of the saga. This announcement has stirred up enthusiasm among X-Men enthusiasts, heightening their anticipation for the upcoming developments.

The X-Men franchise has enjoyed widespread popularity over the years, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the integration of mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the inclusion of mutants in the MCU became an inevitable prospect. The recent tweet has further fueled the excitement surrounding this prospect, intensifying fans’ curiosity about the future of the X-Men within the MCU.

It’s noteworthy that while mutants will take center stage in the saga, this doesn’t entirely exclude the possibility of Avengers making appearances. Crossovers between the two franchises are expected, given their shared universe. Nevertheless, the primary emphasis will be on the mutants and their narratives, fulfilling the expectations of long-awaiting fans. Overall, it’s a thrilling moment for X-Men enthusiasts, and the anticipation is high for how Marvel will seamlessly integrate mutants into the MCU and unfold their stories in this new phase of the franchise.

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