Characters from Ant-Man: Who returned and who left.

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A large number of characters who appeared in the first two Ant-Man movies did not make an appearance in the third installment. This was primarily because the majority of the film takes place in the Quantum Realm. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that not all of the characters that fans were expecting to see were actually absent from the film.

David Dastmalchian, who also played Kurt in the first two movies and is the voice of Veb, the creature who inspired Rudd’s most bizarre sequence, is a member of Scott Lang’s thieving team. The rest of his crew, though, was absent from the most recent movie. For instance, Scott Lang’s best buddy and current cellmate, Michael Pea, who plays Luis. The fact that Quantumania takes place in the Quantum Realm and introduces new characters like Kang the Conqueror as the new enemy likely prevented Luis from having a significant role in adding humor to Ant-Man and the sequel as well as Quantumania. Rapper T.I., who played the role, is another character that did not show up in the latest Ant-Man film.

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