Conflicting production updates are received for the Iron Man spin-off film Armor Wars

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The rumoured Armor Wars filming timetable contrasts with information regarding the next MCU movie. Armor Wars is a sort of Iron Man spin-off that looks at what happens when Stark Tech gets into the wrong hands and stars War Machine’s Don Cheadle. Armor Wars has been turned into a full-length movie, despite the fact that it was first announced as a Disney+ series in September 2022 by Marvel Studios. Although the studio has not yet announced a release date, it was previously anticipated that production on the MCU movie will start soon. But as of right now, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Conflicting Production Reports for the Armor Wars

Production List asserts that Armor Wars will shoot from April 3 to August 4 of 2023, but there is evidence to suggest that the spin-off won’t start shooting until later.

The “end of the year” is the most likely start date for Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars, according to dependable scooper @MsLizzieHill:

“I concur with Charles Murphy that the supposed April launch date for Armor Wars appears to be false (Charles posted a lengthy thread about this this morning). I’ll add that “end of the year” is more plausible, according to a dependable source I recently heard from.”

Regarding insider Charles Murphy’s thread, the insider argued against the likelihood of April by noting that “no director” had been named, which typically occurs “around a year before production:”

“I keep seeing information about Armor Wars being filmed from April through August. I find it extremely difficult to believe that.”
“The announcement of the director often takes place around a year before filming. In June of 22 Schrier was hired. The June 23 release of Thunderbolts”

Additionally, he stated that “no casting announcements” had been made. In contrast, “many castings have been made public” for the films Thunderbolts and Captain America: New World Order, both of which “are filming this summer”:

“No casting announcements have been made, and no one I know has seen a casting grid for Armor Wars. This summer, New World Order and Thunderbolts will both be in production, and numerous castings have already been made public. For Armor Wars, none.”

Murphy has a hypothesis as to why Armor Wars is allegedly filming in April. He claims in his post that Armor Wars and Wonder Man are “somehow confused with each other” and that Armor Wars is now filming from April to August.

“From April through August, Wonder Man is under production. It already has several cast members and is looking for more. 4. It’s conceivable that whoever is stating that Armor Wars is filming has confused it in some way with Wonder Man.”

In his final article, Murphy promised to “follow up with Disney” regarding this implausible possibility today.

“According to accounts, there was a shooting at Armor Wars in April, although this is extremely doubtful. Later today, I will follow up with Disney on this.”

Later on, Murphy stated that he had “checked with Disney” and was “making the decision to not trust the April” start date:

“I checked with Disney on Armor Wars, and based on their response, I’ve decided not to accept the April information.”

Even while this information refutes Production List’s assertion, it’s important to note that the website has historically been a trustworthy source, particularly when it comes to the Agatha: Coven of Chaos production schedule, Loki’s second season, and even DC’s planned Joker 2 movie.

Although there was no official start date for Armor Wars, a sooner rather than later start date makes logical. After all, “whatever occurs in Armor Wars kicks off” in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion. Additionally, Secret Invasion is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in the spring of 2023. Additionally, it was anticipated that Armor Wars would start production in the fall of 2022 when it was still streamer-bound. Despite the legitimacy of Production List, an April start date was previously implausible since Armor Wars is being reworked into a feature and because Marvel Studios currently has a full schedule.

Additionally, Marvel hasn’t named a director or any extra cast members, which is customary, as was noted on Twitter. In the days to come, it will be fascinating to see if the website actually confused Armor Wars with Wonder Man and if Disney and Marvel Studios decide to update the War Machine series-turned-movie.

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