Top Secret Meeting at Marvel Studios is Leaked

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During a recent visit to the town, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore shared a number of details about the company’s current activities and, of course, their future plans.
When questioned about the details of the top-secret meeting that Kevin Feige confirmed took place to formulate the MCU’s future.

Nate Moore, the producer of the MCU, doesn’t actually keep quiet. Instead, he provides us with some information and perspective on what was happening.
Therefore, when asked by the host Matthew Bologna about what exactly their plan is, how they come up with the plans, and what they do name or confirm in a lighthearted manner, he said that the not-so-secret meeting that Kevin Feige revealed was happening two years ago was actually a thing where they all went to a Palm Springs resort and essentially sat down to hash out multiple details of what is going on.

In essence, they sat down and considered phases one through three of the MCU’s future before applying the same strategy to phases four through six. He claims that this is one of the things that they examined and concluded, “Well, in the first phase, we introduced the concept of Tanos, and of course, we got the gauntlet and the stones, and we built up infinity war and Endgame.”

Therefore, we’ll use a larger scale while still repeating the same kind of structure. In order to determine precisely what would be the following MCU entries, they mapped out the following two phases. The two upcoming Avengers movies are included. And he adds that once they determine a trajectory, it can obviously change. However, they have a general idea of the producers, directors, writers, and other personnel involved.

They then begin to think of ways to gradually approach various astronomical regions and potential candidates for doing so. He then claims that they begin creating an internal document that contains all of these components. Then you read everything, examine everything, and consider where characters like Captain America, Man the Eternal, and others can go and appear. Finally, you discuss these ideas with other creators to see how we can come up with additional ideas that will help us connect on a deeper level while still preserving your sense of individuality.

And he claimed that this is roughly how the retreat went and where they worked out what the announcements that are about to be made were going to be two years ago. That indicates that they were making choices that led to the Can Dynasty, which was responsible for the aforementioned secret wars, Armour wars, and other events.

Thus, it is clear that the purpose of this retreat was essentially to plan the MCU’s next five to eight years. As soon as we’re done here, we’ll move on to that and begin addressing it. Naturally, he also divulges a few additional details about the collaborations, the creative process, and other things that are not really relevant to this discussion. However, it seems like they resolved everything over the course of one extended weekend. They all just kind of started working on it after that, and now we’re well into phase four and almost there with phase five.

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