Directors of Marvel Studios say they considered including X-Men ’97 in the MCU

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Resurrected as a part of the Marvel Animated Universe from that era, X-Men ’97 is a beloved cartoon from the 1990s. Nonetheless, two animators of the animated rebirth claim that Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios, gave the idea of incorporating the series into the revered chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe considerable thought. Emi Yonemura, the director of X-Men ’97 Episodes 3 and 5, stated in an interview that Kevin Feige had considered incorporating the animated revival into the MCU from the beginning. “We know that Kevin Feige has always considered the question, should this be included in the MCU. “Should we not incorporate this into the MCU?” asked her. It’s really gone back and forth quite a bit, and I believe we made the right decision because X-Men: The Animated Series was unique, and I believe that in order to maintain it, we had to be as well.

Jake Castorena, head director and supervising producer, went on to say that he was happy X-Men ’97 was kept apart from the MCU and that he loved how the public accepted the many Marvel Studios takes on the X-Men. We’re starting to see a revival of the X-Men in film again, and we’re doing the X-Men justice in this medium, he stated, not just for ourselves but also for other fans. “I adore that. Furthermore, I believe it’s fantastic that we can have diverse things and that they may be unique.” Marvel Studios moved quickly to include the adored mutants into the MCU after regaining the rights to the X-Men in 2019. Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier will make his debut in 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Then, the comics incorporated the revelation that the main character of the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel was a mutant, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever made Namor one of the first mutants in history. The Marvels was the most recent MCU film to have mutants; Kelsey Grammer’s Beast and Lashana Lynch’s Binary had a post-credits sequence.

The X-Men will be further integrated into the MCU with the release of Deadpool & Wolverine, which stars Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds as title characters who are anticipated to enter the hallowed timeline at the film’s conclusion. The much awaited Deadpool 2 stand-alone sequel will mark the debut of a live-action X-Men film from Marvel Studios. The studio is still in the early stages of developing a true X-Men revival. Despite Marvel Studios’ decision to exclude X-Men ’97 from the MCU canon, the animated reimagining appears to still be a part of the larger multiverse. Fans have noticed that in Episode 5, “Remember It,” The Watcher’s shadow is momentarily visible in the sky just prior to the invasion on Genosha. The Watcher is a fifth-dimensional being that first appeared in the animated Marvel Studios series What If…?. It is a creature who watches the MCU Multiverse from the Nexus of All Realities. Brad Winderbaum, the show’s executive producer, hinted to the “potential for connections” between the animated revival and the larger universe prior to his appearance in X-Men ’97.

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