Everything we know about Doctor Strange 3 so far

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After the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madneswe all are excited
to know when the next part will come to theaters.
After the teases and ending of the second part, it’s time to talk about what could take place in Doctor Strange 3. The movie will mean the return of Benedict Cumberbatch. Likewise, it’s a certainty that Benedict Wong would also return as the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong. it is possible that Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer will return to help Doctor Strange once again.
Next, we need to understand the story, as earlier we saw that Doctor Strange’s actions in the sequel have created an incursion; that is, two universes have collided. This created a chain reaction of incursions that led to the entire multiverse collapsing in on itself. With the inclusion of Clea, at least one Mordo and hopefully the return of Dormammu, the world of Stephen Strange is set to grow exponentially!
There is no confirmation about the release date of Doctor strange-3 .

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