Fantastic Four will started filming in 2024

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We got a lot of news about the Fantastic Four coming to the MCU. Now you might have heard that we now have an official date of when the Fantastic Four film is going to begin filming and this sparked a lot of debate on whether or not the Fantastic Four had already been cast.

And today director Matt Shakman has recently spoken up in a couple of different interviews. About what the whole casting situation is right now with the Fantastic Four. He also talked about whether or not he’s heard all of the fantastic board casting rumors and what he thinks about them, and you might be kind of surprised with the responses that he gives in both of these separate interviews.

First thing that you need to know about the Fantastic Four is that Matt Shakman is directing the film. Originally it was going to be Jon Watts, the director of the Spiderman homecoming trilogy. However, he decided to take a break from directing superhero films. And I would definitely say that he earned it. After directing Spiderman homecoming far from home and of course no way home.

Then it was announced that Matt Shakman was going to direct in his place. Now if you’re not familiar with who Matt Shakman is, he directed Wanda Vision. So Needless to say he had some success in the past. Many people love Wanda Vision. and consider it one of the best, MCU show out there so this is good news and like I said recently he is opened up doing interviews with many different outlets now the first one we have to talk about is his interview with The Wrap where he talks about leaving the Star Trek franchise to go back to marvel to direct a Fantastic Four.

In this interview is where we find out that he states the Fantastic Four. Reboot is going to commence in early 2024 .

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