Iron Man 4 questions are dodged by Marvel star Robert Downey Jr.

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In response to persistent rumours about Iron Man 4, Robert Downey Jr. addressed them. Tony Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe dons the figurative armour. The award-winning actor and his wife Susan discussed their “very healthy, little boy interest in cars” and the various vehicles that will be featured on the series, ranging from petrol guzzlers to eco-friendly cars, during an interview with Extra TV about their upcoming Max series, Downey’s Dream Cars.During his promotion for the event, Downey addressed remarks made by fellow Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise about his desire to work on a sequel to 2008’s Tropic Thunder. Downey said he would be more than eager to work on a movie with Cruise and that “we’d figure out what the title is.” When asked a follow-up question regarding Downey maybe appearing in Iron Man 4, he joked, “Does he [Tom] wanna do that?” Prior to instructing Cruise to “don’t take it” regarding doing the movie.

The tragic sequence in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame where Iron Man gave his life to save the world from Thanos by utilising all six Infinity Stones to destroy the supervillain and his army was Downey Jr.’s final appearance for Marvel fans in the MCU. Tony Stark’s death dealt a severe blow to The Avengers and appeared to be the culmination of his long tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which the superhero established with the release of 2008’s hugely popular Iron Man movie.

Even though he died in Endgame, Downey Jr. continued to play Iron Man in two further sequels as well as other films in the Avengers series and Captain America: Civil War. He has long been rumoured to return to the MCU. Iron Man 4, which was long spoken about within Marvel Studios, has never happened. Another Iron Man sequel hasn’t been released yet in part due to Marvel’s choice to diversify into other concepts, including the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise. Additionally, Downey’s contract after Iron Man 3 gave priority to other MCU projects like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Civil War, and The Avengers films rather than another Iron Man sequel.

With worldwide ticket sales of well over $2.4 billion, the Iron Man movie series became a big moneymaker for the MCU. For his roles in the Iron Man trilogy, Downey Jr. received three Saturn Awards and a Teen Choice Award, capping off a highly hailed career Renaissance that had been plagued by personal and professional issues for years. Due to its importance in Hollywood, the National Film Registry has also conserved the first Iron Man movie.
In the Christopher Nolan-directed biographical thriller Oppenheimer, Downey Jr.’s most recent venture into the movie industry following the MCU, he plays Lewis Strauss, a former company entrepreneur and expert in nuclear development. Additionally, he joined Robert Pattinson from The Batman in the forthcoming black comedy Average Height, Average Build directed by Adam McKay.

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