The Spider-Verse shows Miles Morales to be the best Spider-Person

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In Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, there are hundreds of Spider-Persons, many of whom follow Miguel O’Hara’s guidelines for what constitutes a real Spider-Man. Miguel claims that some people are meant to become Spider-Man until something breaks with the Multiverse or continuity. Miles Morales experiences this since his world previously had a “definitive” Spider-Man who wasn’t yet destined to pass away. But when Alchemax messes with the Multiverse and inserts the radioactive spider from Earth-42 into their world, Miles gets bitten and Peter dies trying to save him, which motivates him to take over as Spider-Man. Miguel concludes that Miles is the first anomaly—one who was never meant to be Spider-Man—because he unexpectedly transforms into the superhero. Miles has shown in two films that he is more than deserving of being Spider-Man, and Miguel’s notion also fundamentally contradicts what makes Spider-Man the hero he is. Miles Morales is actually the greatest Spider-Man.

There are a select number of canon events that each Spider-Person experiences, as Miguel reveals to Miles in Across the Spider-Verse. Even Miles has personally experienced one of these tragedies—Uncle Aaron’s passing—but unlike the other Spider-Persons, Miles questions the idea that catastrophes are unavoidable reassurances of the universe’s security. Miles will not accept this when his pain comes at the expense of others, in this case, his father’s life, unlike the original Peter Parker who accepts his suffering as a necessary part of the job. Miles believes that safeguarding the universe shouldn’t be at the expense of a person’s life, particularly if they are aware of the threat ahead of time. Miles acknowledges that the Spider-Society’s strategy for guarding the Multiverse has flaws and is in some ways harmful, despite the fact that it is a risky gamble. This strategy is rejected by Miles, who decides to write his own story rather than follow Miguel’s lead. Instead of risking innocent lives based on a hypothesis that is, to put it mildly, incorrect, he is willing to battle the system and other heroes to protect everyone.

Miles is different from other Spider-Man characters in Across the Spider-Verse because he is ready to defy Spider-Society and the laws that are intended to keep the Multiverse intact, but this does not mean that he is an outlier. Any hypotheses concerning anomalies are only that since there should be an endless number of possibilities in the larger Multiverse. There are countless other situations of potential anomalies that Miguel ignores in addition to those two. For instance, Gwen Stacy’s demise fits the bill for a canon occurrence, but Spider-Gwen’s existence and her connection to a Spider-Man from another world render her a speculative outlier. Even Mayday Parker is an oddity because there is now a second Spider-Person in Peter B. Parker’s world who is potentially born with these powers.

Miguel O’Hara also draws from his own experiences as an outlier in a separate universe to support his argument. He made the decision to deviate from the established canon and install an alternative version of himself, shattering this reality. On the other side, Miles Morales is compelled to be a theoretical abnormality. Despite the fact that his metamorphosis into Spider-Man regularly threatens the canon, at least according to Miguel’s concept, his presence does not ruin his reality. Additionally, Miguel’s idea completely misses the mark in terms of what makes Spider-Man a hero.

The central idea of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is resolved by Miles Morales at the film’s conclusion: anybody can don the mask. The appeal of Spider-Man is that he serves as evidence that anybody can step up to save the day. individuals may be heroes in their everyday lives even if they lack spider abilities, as demonstrated by the ordinary individuals Spider-Man inspires in the past. However, Miguel O’Hara and the Spider-Society assert in Across the Spider-Verse that only a select few people have the potential to become Spider-Man. However, Miles expressly disputes this. Regardless of Miguel’s viewpoint, Miles has performed all the duties expected of a Spider-Man. He takes care of his family and his neighbourhood. He opposes potentially harmful systems. He never gives up on either himself or others. Miles Morales is a hero and a role model. Miguel may not consider him to be Spider-Man, but he is. He is actually the finest Spider-Man since he serves as evidence that anybody can rise up and be a hero.

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