Marc Bernardin: behind the scenes: creating the Marvel magic in Eyes of Wakanda

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The news of Marvel Studios’ upcoming animated series, Eyes of Wakanda, has been creating a buzz among fans. It has been revealed that the series will have two episodes written by Marc Bernardin, the co-host of the Fatman Beyond podcast. In the podcast’s recent episode, Bernardin shared some exciting details about his work on the show. He revealed that he had been working on the series during the earlier parts of the pandemic and couldn’t reveal anything about it until now.

Unfortunately, Bernardin couldn’t share any more information about Eyes of Wakanda, as he didn’t want to make the MCU snipers twitchy. The co-hosts joked about how secretive Marvel is about their upcoming projects, and Bernardin mentioned that he had to keep the project a secret for nine months. However, he did promise fans that the series is “so freaking dope” and that they won’t be disappointed.

Bernardin’s role in Eyes of Wakanda comes after his work on the Black Panther animated series. Kevin Smith, Bernardin’s co-host, revealed that almost nobody knows anything about Eyes of Wakanda, but Bernardin interjected, saying that he knows about the show because he wrote two episodes for it. This news has created even more anticipation among fans, who can’t wait to see what the show has in store. With Bernardin’s involvement and the secrecy surrounding the project, fans are expecting something truly spectacular from Marvel’s Eyes of Wakanda.

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