Matthew Waterson talks potential Marvel crossovers and Magneto’s impact on Infinity War

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In a recent interview with ComicBook’s Phase Zero podcast, Matthew Waterson, the voice actor for Magneto in X-Men ’97, shared his thoughts on potential crossovers with other Marvel characters and how Magneto could have impacted Avengers: Infinity War. Waterson suggested that Magneto could have been an interesting addition to the fight against Thanos, as his ability to manipulate metal could potentially have allowed him to neutralize the Infinity Gauntlet. He also highlighted the dynamic between Magneto and Wolverine, emphasizing how Magneto’s powers could easily overpower Wolverine, adding an interesting dynamic to their interactions.

Apart from discussing potential crossovers, Waterson expressed his fascination with the character Sebastian Shaw and his powers. He found Shaw to be a compelling character due to his personality and the intricacies of his abilities. Waterson mentioned that seeing more interaction with Shaw would be exciting.

While it’s purely a speculative discussion, Waterson acknowledged that having Magneto solve major conflicts like Endgame would undermine the narrative and dramatic tension. However, he mentioned the fun in exploring the possibilities of how Magneto’s powers could impact various situations.

The X-Men ’97 series has already been renewed for a second season by Marvel Animation. Although work on the new season has yet to begin, co-composer Taylor Newton Stewart teased that the upcoming episodes will escalate the stakes and deliver intense storylines. Fans can look forward to the continuation of X-Men ’97, which airs exclusively on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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