Strange Supreme’s return in ‘What If…?’ season 2

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In the first season of “What If…?” the character of Strange Supreme astounded Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. The series’ high point was his convoluted transformation from a bright but imperfect sorcerer to a cosmic entity driven by passion and sorrow. It now seems that the multiverse has not finished with him. An interesting development is the confirmation that Strange Supreme would appear in one of the “What If…?” Season 2 episodes, marking his long-awaited comeback.

Viewers are really excited about the possibility of Strange Supreme returning because it creates new opportunities for multiverse narrative. Fans can only conjecture about the setting and plot that will bring him back given the unexpected and innovative nature of the “What If…?” series. The return of Strange Supreme promises to be an engaging and provocative addition to the second season of this animated anthology series, leaving viewers eager to once again explore the endless realms of possibility in the Marvel multiverse, whether it’s a continuation of his prior narrative or an entirely new twist in the multiverse.

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