The predator becomes prey officially thanks to Wolverine

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Wolverine from Marvel Comics is gaining the upper hand on his Predator attacker. In an exclusive teaser for the forthcoming film Predator vs. Wolverine, readers are transported to the heart of the Canadian backcountry, where the titular fighters are about to engage in combat once more in the present era. But this time, Wolverine has gone above and beyond to make sure the Predator steps straight into his trap. Specifically, he has set up a second trap that is as simple as it is clear, hoping to capitalise on the confidence of his would-be Yautja assassin.

Readers have been transported by Predator vs. Wolverine to a multitude of settings spanning an equal number of periods, each of which saw a vicious confrontation between the film’s titular protagonists. The series’ third issue even raised some significant questions about how Wolverine’s path may have been impacted by the Predator’s mere existence by suggesting that part of Weapon Plus Project’s efforts to transform Logan into Weapon X were based on the Predator’s distinctive, high-tech mask. Although the two fighters have dealt a lot of damage to each other thus far, Wolverine’s healing power has shown to be greater than any Predator’s. Their violent, rudimentary social structure has also made him into the largest potential prey for any predator. Taking the Predator to other historical periods is nothing new for the series overall, especially in light of the fact that the Yautja was dispatched deep into the heart of the Great Plains during the early 1700s in 2022’s Prey, starring Amber Midthunder. When asked about the post-credits scene in the movie and its implication for a possible sequel, director Dan Trachtenberg responded, “I really just can’t speak to any specifics, but we put that in there for a reason, and we have never stopped.” Trachtenberg went on, “We haven’t closed our mouths yet; we were just discussing what else we could do very early.”

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