Introducing the Marvel Multiverse: An inside look at “What If” by A.C. Bradley.

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A.C. Bradley, the creator and writer of “What If.”, recently explained the reasoning behind including The Wasp in Captain Carter’s Avengers lineup. As per Bradley, The Wasp was a perfect fit for the team as she had a unique skill set that complemented Captain Carter’s abilities. Moreover, The Wasp’s inclusion allowed for a more balanced team dynamic, with each member bringing something unique to the table.

Bradley also shed light on some other interesting tidbits about the “What If.” universe. He revealed that the show’s writers had to be very careful while exploring alternate storylines as they wanted to make sure that each episode stayed true to the essence of the original story. This meant closely examining the characters’ motivations and making sure that their actions in the alternate universe were consistent with their personalities.

Furthermore, Bradley explained that the team behind “What If.” wanted to explore lesser-known characters and storylines to give viewers a fresh perspective on the Marvel Universe. He believed that by doing so, they could introduce new ideas and concepts that could potentially find their way into the main Marvel Cinematic Universe. Overall, Bradley’s insights into the creation of “What If.” shed light on the complex process of crafting a compelling alternate universe and the various factors that go into making it a success.

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