Unveiling the multiverse: the Watcher’s cameo in ‘X-Men ’97’ sparks crossover theories with ‘What If…?’ season 3

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The recent cameo of The Watcher in “X-Men ’97” has sparked speculation about a potential crossover with “What If…? Season 3”. Historically, Marvel Studios has been renowned for its interconnected storytelling across its cinematic universe, with characters and plot points weaving in and out of various films and series. With the introduction of animated series like “What If…?”, Marvel has expanded its narrative canvas, although these animated stories have so far existed independently from each other and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, The Watcher’s appearance in “X-Men ’97” suggests that Marvel may be considering bridging these parallel animated worlds, hinting at a larger multiverse that encompasses both series.

The concept of The Watcher observing the “X-Men ’97” universe is a significant development, given the character’s role in “What If…?” as an observer of the multiverse. In the show, Jeffrey Wright’s character refrains from interfering in the events he witnesses, but his presence in “X-Men ’97” suggests that the boundaries between Marvel’s animated shows are becoming more permeable. This cameo could be laying the groundwork for a future where the characters from “X-Men ’97” and other animated Marvel properties interact with the alternate realities explored in “What If…?”. The studio’s current project, “Marvel Zombies,” which also has roots in “What If…?” demonstrates Marvel’s willingness to expand on stories and characters from one series into another.

While Marvel has not officially announced a crossover, the threads are seemingly beginning to weave together. The intersection of “What If…?” and “Marvel Zombies,” as well as the shared voice actors and characters, points to a growing synergy between the animated series. With The Watcher’s role as a multiverse-spanning entity, and considering Marvel’s track record of intricate crossovers, it’s reasonable to anticipate that “X-Men ’97” might not only be observed by The Watcher but could eventually interact with the worlds of “What If…?”. Fans will be keeping a keen eye on upcoming episodes of “X-Men ’97” and future seasons of “What If…?” for more clues about this exciting possibility.

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